Who We Are

Have you been reading our site and wondering “who are these people?”

We have three regular writers on our staff.

Brandon Rollins, MBA

Brandon Rollins, MBA. Founder & CEO of Pangea Marketing Agency, LLC. Born in Nashville, in Chattanooga by random chance. Every cup of coffee’s greatest fear. Board game developer. Digital marketer for six years.

You can often find him writing on video games, movies, memes, and the sordid secrets of large corporations.

Maria Rollins

Maria Polcari. Project Manager & COO at Pangea Marketing Agency, LLC. Northerner by birth, Southerner by choice. Avid book collector and curator of themed bookshelves. Ten years in business development, two years in digital marketing.

You can often find her writing on toys, influencer marketing, movies, and things that make her nostalgic.

Kenny Goodman. Founder & CEO of Overboard Games.

You can often find him writing on sports, anime, video games, and anything that Brandon thinks is hilarious and instantly says yes to.

What We Do

You may also be wondering “what do these folks do for a living?”

Well, a lot of things! First, we run Pangea Marketing Agency. It’s a marketing agency for small and medium businesses with a bunch of different services including:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Content creation
  • Website setup and maintenance
  • Online advertising
  • Social media
  • Fractional CMO services

You can book a free one-hour consult here. Seriously, no catch!