You want to learn the basics of marketing, but…where do you even begin? It’s so complex!

We completely understand. Marketing is complex and a lot of the materials that you will read are either too basic and vague or too niche and complex to understand.

Below, you will find a list of 6 articles. These articles are hand-picked to help you learn how to market your small business for the very first time.

Small Business Marketing 101: What is Marketing and Why Does it Matter?

Marketing breathes life into everything you do as a small business owner. It begins from the moment you conceive an idea to sales and fulfillment.

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Consumer Behavior 101: People are Weird, Markets are Weirder

Why and how do people buy things? To understand consumer behavior is the dream of prophets, wisemen, hucksters, and – yes – small business owners.

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I Choose You: How Consumer Decisions Work in Small Business

Consumer decisions can seem mysterious. Why do consumers do what they do? Knowing how people make decisions will make your small business thrive!

How Small Businesses Can Craft Perfect Products and Services

Creating perfect products is not just a question of manufacturing or finding the right employees. It takes iteration and observation. It’s a science.

A Crash Course in Market Research for Your Small Business

Building a small business is very hard! You have to create a product or a service that’s PERFECT for your audience. This is why market research matters.

Product-Market Fit & Why It Matters to Your Small Business

If you want to make money, you need to sell something with good product-market fit. There is no way around this. It is an essential truth of business.