Marketing is the Product Podcast
Marketing is the Product Podcast
Marketing is the Product Podcast: Who We Are & What We're Doing
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We have exciting news at Pangea! Starting today, we have launched a brand new podcast. The goal is simple: find small business owners and ask them how they built their businesses. By sharing others’ stories, we hope to inspire and encourage you, especially in this strange time.

We’ll start featuring business owners as early as July. This episode is our introduction: telling you who we are and what we’re doing.

We hope you find this new podcast helpful and that you enjoy hearing from the many fascinating people with whom we have had the pleasure of speaking!

Brandon: Hello everybody, I’m Brandon Rollins.

Pierson: And I’m Pierson Hibbs.

Brandon: We’re here with the Pangea Marketing Agency, and this is the inaugural episode of our podcast Marketing is the Product, named after our blog, which is also called Marketing is the Product.

We said it multiple times, because that is how marketing works. So, in this podcast, we are going to be reaching out to a lot of small business owners and creative individuals, and we are going to be asking them how they built what they built or how they’re building what they’re building.

Every two weeks, we’ll call one of them up, we’ll ask them some questions, and we’ll get their stories. And I know, Pierson, you’ve actually been reaching out to some people who have you managed to contact so far?

Pierson: Yeah, so we’ve actually met a lot of people here in Chattanooga that run really cool local businesses that are unique to this region and stuff that goes on all over the place.

One of them is one of my friends that works over at Be Green, CBD organics, she’s got an awesome story. She grew up in Canada and came here maybe nine years ago. And I’m hoping we can get her on here and get a Zoom call in.

I’ve got a lot of contacts in the local real estate agent world and talk to them about what the real estate climate is like here in Chattanooga, and see what they’re talking about how COVID has impacted that scene, talk about what the status is on all of that.

Pierson: We’ve got guys at local glass blowing shops that talk about how they do what they do and the cool little niche communities that they run in, and who knows, maybe even some more local businesses that we haven’t reached out to yet.

Brandon: And ones from around the world. I’ve got contacts in Europe, making board games on fantastic subjects that you can’t even hardly conceive of. We’re going to be bringing you a really diverse audience of people with stories that will inspire you and teach you, and frankly, it’s day 66 of quarantine, give you something to listen to. So that’s something that you can look forward in the month to come.

Pierson: We’re super excited to get this going. We hope that you guys enjoy the content that we start putting out and we’re excited to release our first episode here soon.

Brandon: And you’ll hear from us every two weeks on Thursday morning. Talk to you guys soon.

Pierson: See ya.

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