Marketing is the Product Podcast
Marketing is the Product Podcast
Kenny Goodman on 2020, Mindfulness, and Growing Your Business
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Kicking off our first interview of the new year, we are joined again by our friend Kenny Goodman from Overboard Games.

Kenny owns and runs Overboard Games. He is now running a successful business that revolves around creating digital versions of games for board game publishers.

If you are a long time listener of the show, you might remember Kenny from one of the first episodes we recorded last year. Since then, a lot has happened in Kenny’s world, and we are here to find out all of the details.

Join us as we talk about Kenny’s 2020, mindfulness, as well as so much more!

Show Notes:

0:15 – Kenny’s introduction & link to the first episode


4:30 – Work on Final Frontier
5:45 – Outbound to inbound marketing
7:10 – Streaming update
10:15 – Expansion plans
11:00 – Wrestlers in the game
14:10 – Bridging the gap
15:40 – Props to “Hot Ones”


21:30 – Content and authenticity: what you believe…
23:00 – Expanding your field and finding your niche
26:15 – Getting into mindfulness…
30:00 – Living in the moment
34:00 – Understanding who we are and acceptance of it
43:20 – What is Kenny doing to stay happy and healthy
49:00 – Innovation and resilience
52:00 – What is next
54:00 – Closing thoughts

[Transcript coming soon]

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