Starting a small business can be a complicated experience, especially if it’s your first time. You already have so much to manage even without small business marketing added to the mix. But market you must, and that’s why we’ve put together a list of articles to help you get started!

Small Business Marketing 101: What is Marketing and Why Does it Matter?

Marketing breathes life into everything you do as a small business owner. It begins from the moment you conceive an idea to sales and fulfillment.

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Consumer Behavior 101: People are Weird, Markets are Weirder

Why and how do people buy things? To understand consumer behavior is the dream of prophets, wisemen, hucksters, and – yes – small business owners.

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I Choose You: How Consumer Decisions Work in Small Business

Consumer decisions can seem mysterious. Why do consumers do what they do? Knowing how people make decisions will make your small business thrive!


Decision-Making Styles: Read Your Small Business Customers’ Minds

Decision-making styles are different for every customer. Understanding why customers arrive at their decisions is crucial for your small business’s success.

Boat in a Storm - Metaphor for Market Forces

7 Market Forces That Shape Small Business

As small business owners, we like to imagine ourselves immune to market forces. Why answer to anyone else? The truth is more complicated than that.

The Thinker Statue considers which of the five marketing philosophies to use

I Think, Therefore I Sell: 5 Marketing Philosophies for Small Businesses

Marketing philosophies help us craft the right experiences for the right people. How do you define the “right” experience? How about the “right” people?

Globalization: Your Small Business vs. the World

Globalization is a defining force of our era. As the world becomes more connected, our small businesses compete in a bigger arena than 10 or 20 years ago.

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How to Find a Niche & Make Your Small Business Memorable

For small business owners, finding a niche is daunting. You must ask yourself two questions. Who is our target audience? How are we meeting their needs?

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How to Use Competitive Analysis & Make Your Small Business Richer

No business is an island. Competitive analysis is vital to the success of your small business. You can’t find a niche without understanding the competition!

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How to Craft a Small Business Marketing Strategy That Works

Crafting a small business marketing strategy can seem awfully complicated. We’re going to drop the theoretical mumbo-jumbo and give you steps you can apply.

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The 7 Ps of Marketing: Levers of Power for Your Small Business

The 7 Ps of Marketing is a classic marketing model that helps us understand the marketing mix. Each one of the 7 Ps is a lever of power for small business. 

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The 4 Cs of Marketing: Make Your Customers Comfortable

The 4 Cs of Marketing are ways you can make your small business customers comfortable. This makes a huge difference when it’s your business vs. the world!


Why Marketing to Businesses is So Different from Marketing to Consumers

Marketing to businesses is a different animal than marketing to consumers. And it’s an animal you need to understand, too – B2B is much bigger than B2C.

How Small Businesses Can Craft Perfect Products and Services

Creating perfect products is not just a question of manufacturing or finding the right employees. It takes iteration and observation. It’s a science.

Don’t Be Evil: Ethical Marketing for Small Businesses

Ethical marketing may seem like a paradox. Marketing plays with the emotions of other people, pushing their buttons to make them take certain actions.