Hi there! I’m Maria and I want to help give you some ideas for trending items to sell during the upcoming holiday season.

What are my qualifications, might you ask? I. Love. To. Shop. Plain and simple. I have separate “present bins” for each family set that I add gifts to year-round. I have a separate Amazon list specifically for gift ideas.

When my husband mentioned putting together a seller’s guide of trendy items to help you all pick out what might sell well, I channeled my inner Katniss Everdeen and shouted “I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE”.

Rather than give you one giant list of items, I’ve split the list up into a few different categories. As for the sourcing of these items, I’m including both source links and shopping links so that we credit where it’s due.

But don’t worry, this isn’t just a wish list. I may be writing from the point of view of an excited gift shopper, but rest assured that we have internally vetted each of these ideas. We can safely say that they all are either trending, or expected to be trending in 2021. (These are especially great choices if you’re running a dropshipping store!)

No matter what your customers like, you can find something to meet their needs! Even better – ALL of these items can be sold online! So they are social distancing friendly ?

Trending Products by Category

So 2020: A mix of items for our new normal. Ranges from masks to hand sanitizer, booties to your quarantine uniform (sweatshirts and yoga pants) to essential items for being cramped in the same house with your extended family. (Who knew that Poo-Pourri would become essential?)

Work From Home: This includes specific items to help with working from home, as well as electronics in general.

Beauty/Self Care: Here you will find some stylish finds (initial name necklaces are HUGE right now), home spa essentials, and hot beauty items. The majority of these items are more geared towards women, but that does not mean Self-Care-Sunday can’t still apply to men!

Home Décor: Anything from throw pillows to planters, holiday decorations to candles.

Organization: Marie Kondo would approve of everything on this list.

Kitchen: All the leftover kitchen-specific items that would not work in any of the other lists. (Would you consider a milk frother a work-from-home essential?)

Out on the Open Road: While the travel industry makes a slow recovery, I think that road trips are going to continue being a trend. Here you can find must-haves for those who are traveling the open road but will also apply to the adventurous souls who take to the skies!

Pets: Pet fosters and adoptions are UP UP AND UP this year and I think it is one of the only good things to have come out of the pandemic. With everyone being home all the time, people have turned to adopting or fostering furry friends because “why not?”

Pet spending is going to make a big comeback this holiday season as they need holiday gifts too! In this section you will find basic pet essentials, how to care from them when you leave the house, and travel essentials so Fido can join in on the outdoor adventures.

So 2020: Trending Products That Can Only Exist Because…2020

UV Sterilizers

As much as we hope that there is a solid treatment plan, vaccine, or just a wand wave to make the virus-that-shall-not-be-named go away, it might be a hot minute. My family made fun of me when I wanted the Phone-Soap UV light, but now they are scrambling for version of their own.

Do your research when picking what you want to offer to your customers, as there are a lot of products out there. Only a small percentage of those are actually worth their money. This Sterilizing Wand has 1,617 ratings on Amazon with an average 4.3 stars.


I remember when I was in college and my friend was telling me about this thing you sprayed before…going…and it saves you from embarrassing moments. After almost a year of quarantining, I’m pretty sure 1oz of Poo-Pourri is more valuable than 1oz of gold. Just sayin’.


PPE that’s great in a hospital setting – protects your shoes from carrying pathogens.

Disposable Masks

Unfortunately, these are definitely a necessity in 2020, and probably 2021, too. May as well sell them while they’re trending because people really need them!

Fabric Masks

Remember, you want it to be at a minimum 2 layers of breathable cloth, but 3 is better. Also adjustable ear loops are great! Here is the CDC’s guidance on how to choose a mask that’s best for you.

Ear Savers

Something simple to take the pressure off your ears when wearing a mask for along time.

Mask Brackets

For those who don’t like inhaling fabric with every breath.

Keychain Button Pusher

It wasn’t until this year that I realized how amazing these are. Plus, they make a great round out gift. You can opt to sell as basic or fancy a version as you want because ultimately they all do the same basic function and will probably become a keychain staple. Here’s one with a stylus.

Washable Bag for Masks

These are a more eco-friendly version of constantly throwing away plastic baggies everytime you remove a dirty fabric mask. Just pop the entire thing in the washing machine and poof! Done!

Bissel Mop

Am I the only one who has gotten really intense about cleaning their floors? This is the steam mop that The Rambling Redhead uses and everytime she posts about it, Amazon sells out. This is my favorite because you can remove the middle section and steam clean small corners and crevasses.

Comfortable Pullovers

Pullovers used to be a sweatshirt one wore as an extra layer. Now? They are basically wearable blankets. Make sure the inside of the pullovers you sell to your customers are just as soft and fluffy on the inside as they are on the outside because a lot of women are wearing these pullovers as their shirt, period end of statement. PAAZA, ZESICA, KIRUNDO are three highly rated examples from Amazon (thanks again to The Rambling Redhead!)

Cozy Robes

Growing up I was always a silk robe person because I felt like a glam Greta Garbo. Why would I want to wear some big bulky robe that just makes me look bigger than I am? Ummmm because, holy tamole, they are comfy.

I bought myself one last Christmas and am so glad that I did. 2021 is going to be a jam packed wedding season (fingers crossed for the brides’ sake!) so if you can offer Mr./Mrs. embroidery options to the plush robes then all the better.

Funny Shirts

There are so many hilarious T-shirts out there right now that are speaking my language. These are going to be easy to sell. Keep a wide range in cuts and styles. Not all women want to buy the “Women’s Fit” because those tend to be tighter than a traditional t-shirt box fit. On that note, if you do stock the Woman’s V-Neck or other of the like, get some extra stock in the higher sizes as most women need to size up when purchasing that cut.

Yoga Pants For Days

To think that yoga pants were once considered athletic wear. Yoga pants are not going anywhere, even if the world opens up again. In fact, if you can offer your customers yoga pants that could pass off as dress pants then your company is set for life.

Some important factors to take into account when selecting your stock:

  • Not see through when stretched, dryfit material (I hate my cotton ones)
  • A variety in styles (skinny, bootcut, capri, knee)
  • A variety in sizes (we’ve all put on some extra pounds this year, ok?)
  • Pockets are a bonus (back pockets or even just a phone/card sleeve on the side thigh).
Bike Shorts

These have become a bit of a trend over the last couple of months. I honestly do not see these sticking around because only a specific body type can pull them off AND the same problem in the ‘90s still exists today – they ride up.

If you are still interested in stocking these and offering them to your customers, then get some that can then double as dress slips. Undersummers is a fantastic example of slip shorts and I think if bike shorts stick around then they are going to gravitate to the slip short corner of the fashion industry.


We’ve seen a number of funny loungewear comfies over the years. We have the Snuggie, the OstrichPillow, and even the hooded travel pillow (like this). But what the COMFY has to offer is a beautiful combination of nearly all of the above. The material of a cozy blanket, the sleeves of a Snuggie, and the hood of the pillow head…is there anything else that this could possibly need?

Work from Home: Trending Products to Make Your Home Office More Productive & Comfortable

Blue Light Glasses

Color me surprised when I realized that these actually work. My favorite is the Cyxus brand, but there are loads of options out there and these will continue to be must-haves as they will be helpful for the work from home crew AND those who go back into the offices.

Phone Stands

Video chatting is becoming a prime way to converse with our loved ones, and our arms are only so strong. As more people move to video chats, or even vlogging, having a phone stand will be helpful. Bonus points if you can find a lighted one!

Room Lighting Alarm Clock

These are becoming more and more popular. After I finally caved and bought one, I can see why. Hatch is a really popular brand name, but my non-Hatch version works just fine for me. In fact, this item is on my gift list because *someone* in this house keeps trying to steal mine.


Why would anyone need a separate webcam when these are now standard issue on any phone or laptop? Because separate webcams have come a LONG WAY from their original versions. As more large companies extend working from home through 2021, people are going to want to invest in a high quality webcam. What I want to know is when are the webcams going to have a built-in vanity filter?

USB Headset

Back when I worked for a large company, my life changed when I got a phone headset. Sure, I looked like a stereotypical call center representative, and yes, I did boomerang back to my desk when I left my desk and forgot I was still attached to the computer.

But these are life changing for those who take a lot of conference calls. Earbuds are great for casual conversations, but when you have 20 people all on the phone and someone’s dog is barking and another person’s child is screaming, you’re going to wish you had specialized headset built to handle that amount of background noise. Also, USB is perfect as more companies ditch physical phones and install “softphones” onto laptops.

USB to Phone Adapters

Essentially to result in the same as the above, but the adapter allows you to use it on your cell phone. For those who walk laps while on conference calls.

Wireless Headset

And this is for all the fancy people reading who want their headset to be Bluetooth.

Power Bank

My phone’s screen time tracker is judging me.

Wireless Mouse & Keyboard Set by Logitech
Monitor Stands

I will never make fun of ergonomics again. I’ve linked up some basic adjustable ones, but you can even look into stationary stands but ones that are nice wood grains, have drawers, or even monitor brackets that go into the wall or desk.


This is on my own personal wishlist as my current desk is a converted wooden youth bed frame with a yoga mat laid out on it. My mousepad? Yea, it’s a pad of paper. To my husband reading this: I want the purple one, please and thank you.

Document Holder

For those who do not want to balance their spiral notepad on their lap, keyboard, dog’s back, etc.

Phone Chargers

Can’t let my phone die while I feed my farm animals. I mean. During a conference call…

Bluetooth Speaker

I don’t think that Bluetooth speakers are necessarily going to be hot trendy items for 2021, but I do think that these are always a nice thing to offer to people. They make a perfect round-out gift, or let’s be honest, perfect for your brother-in-law who is impossible to shop for.

Beauty/Self Care: Trending Products to Feel Beautiful, Even if You’re Not Going Anywhere

Neck Massager

These were Oprah’s item for 2020, and I wonder if she knew that everyone was going to be in need of tension relief. While this has already been a hot item, I would go ahead and prepare for a second, but smaller, run in 2021. Those who didn’t get one last holiday season are sure going to expect one this season.

Face Masks

Korean Beauty is here to stay. Sheet masks, diamond masks, eye depuffers – we are here for it all. These make great stocking stuffers, round-out gifts, or even impulse buys during checkout.

Beauty Rollers

I’ve been keeping an eye on these rollers for the last few months and they are gaining in popularity. At first I thought that they were just yet another weird celebrity trend for people who have too much money. And then I saw The Rambling Redhead put them in the freezer and that was a total game changer.

First thing in the morning, customers will pull out their beauty rollers from the fridge and roll them over their face for a refreshing start to their day. You could even put together a Rise and Shine package for your customers that includes a Room Lightening Alarm Clock, Beauty Rollers, and a Mini Waffle Maker (see the Kitchen Section). Popular roller materials are Jade, Rose Quartz, and Stainless Steel.

Blowout Hairbrush

Let’s be honest, people have let a lot of things go during the pandemic. I haven’t worn makeup in 2 months, I’ve lost my straightener, and I expect applause when I brush my hair.

From a beauty trend perspective, I see 2021 going in 1 of 2 ways. Either people are going to go extra glam for even the smallest of events, or more realistically, people are going to be slow to relinquish the Quarantine Uniform. Regardless of which way the trend goes, help your customers out by offering them a 3-in-1 hair tool that brushes, dries, and styles your hair all at once. I’ve linked up a really popular one that is making the rounds now, but you get the idea.

Water Bottle

Why is it that the easiest and cheapest way to improve my skin is also the one I forget to do the most often? DRINKING WATER! Everyone has the *best* water bottle, so here is a roundup of several that I don’t see going away any time soon: Hydro Flask, Cutesy Ones, or Swell (I do not see Swell being as popular in 2021 as there are a lot of fantastic dupes, but it is still a solid choice).

Lettered Necklace

A hot trend in the jewelry department are lettered necklaces. These are a spin on the initial necklaces, but instead of just an initial or a monogram these dainty necklaces spell out an entire name. Lettered Necklaces are especially popular with first time mothers who want to sport around their carefully chosen name for their bundle of joy.

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets were a big trend making the rounds at the beginning of quarantine, and then they quieted down. Doctors and researchers are already warning people of an influx of stimuli when people go back out and about, so I have a feeling weighted blankets will be making a comeback. Research shows that having the appropriately weighted blanket reduces anxiety, improves sleep quality, and is super extra cozy (OK, that last part is me).

Home Décor: Trending Products to Cure Your Cabin Fever

Throw Blankets and Pillows

These will *always* be a popular thing to sell. Big tassels or chunky weaves are big right now – the more luxe the better. And if you’re going to be throwing blankets around, better throw some matching pillows around too.

Upselling Tip: Sell throw pillow inserts and separate pillow covers. People will buy more pillow covers because they are less bulky to store but can be switched out for every season. Here is The Rambling Redhead’s Amazon list dedicated to Throw Pillows and Blankets. Just about every item listed there is what I’m seeing across the influencer board.

Image Courtesy of The Rambling Redhead
Electric Candles

Real candles are amazing, absolutely, but electric candles are coming a long ways in terms of aesthetics. I just bought some birch-ones from Aldi and I’m seriously impressed. Flickering ones with remotes are even better because I don’t want to move after getting my throw blanket and throw pillows in just the right places.

Indoor/Outdoor Lanterns

These will pair so nicely with the electric candles because you don’t have to worry about the lanterns getting hot from the candles. Really big lanterns that are sturdy enough to be outside but chic enough to sit on a fireplace inside are hot commodities. I particularly like Lauren McBride’s lanterns from her QVC line.

Reversable Wall Decorations

This idea is courtesy of Aldi, again. We bought this adorable wooden sign that says “Apple Orchard” on one side and is perfect for the fall. But what made me hit the “add to cart” button was the fact that the other side is plain white and says “Home sweet home” in the cursive with the trendy heart (blog Aisle of Shame does a great job illustrating all that Aldi had to offer). All the other signs were already sold out (cue angry grumble here).

I know that if I found a seller that had other décor signs that are reversable for the holidays (think Fall to Halloween, or Halloween to Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving to Christmas, Christmas to New Years) I would buy a lot of them. As more and more cute décor items come out each year, storage space is becoming a commodity. So if you can give your customers an item that is cute AND multi-purpose, then it’s going to sell.

Weave Baskets

Personally, these are not my jam. BUT. These are definitely the internet’s jam right now (I linked up The Rambling Redhead’s dedicated weave basket Amazon list if that is any indication as to how hot these are right now). From holding the precious throw blankets and pillows, to dressing up the fake fig tree pot, weave baskets are absolutely trending right now and will into 2021. Give your customers some options too; not everyone wants a rigid weave basket as boho chic is definitely still at thing.

Image Courtesy of The Rambling Redhead
Storage …Anything

Now this is speaking my language. This can be a rattan box (rattan and cane are making a come back), or even “stacked logs” that is actually storage. Do you think I’m going to actually sit on the tufted bench in my living room? Heck no! It’s for boardgames!

Hanging Wall Baskets

A nice way to pull a room together that has weave baskets on the ground and chunky tasseled blankets on the couch is to add a hanging basket to the wall or ceiling. Throw in an air plant or – even better – an artificial plant and you’ve got a nice pop of color and cohesive vibe to the room. Considering the popularity of weave baskets right now, I’d keep a small stock of wall baskets on hand as a nice up-sale opportunity for your customers.

Artificial Plants

I’ve mentioned plants a few times so far in this section, so now let’s really talk about them. During quarantine, a lot of people have been turning to gardening and house plant care. I’m one of them. But I can also say that the jury is out on if the house plants will survive once the world opens back up again.

Fiddle Leaf trees were a major home décor staple of 2020, and I don’t see it going away any time soon. Biggest important factor to an artificial plant is make it look as lifelike as possible. Meaning – make sure it has imperfections! Let the greens be a little muddled.

Make sure that whatever you stock can fluff up nicely after it has been released from it’s plastic bag confinement (see below image posted by Instagram Influencer _lomeyer_ – each of those faux plants were flat). If someone is going to go to the trouble of getting a trendy artificial plant for their home, they are going to want it to look real. Give the people what they want.

Organization: Trending Products to Declutter

Spice Racks

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve reorganized my spice rack. Every time I do it, I think “THIS is the best way”. Sellers are taking advantage of buyer’s ever-changing spice rack organization, and for good reason. Check out some Spice Rack Drawers, Slide Outs, Tiered Steps, rich wood toned Pinch Pots.

Adjustable Drawer Dividers

Another kitchen space that I am always reorganizing is the silverware drawer. Help solve your customers’ drawer problems by giving them an adjustable drawer divider. The one I’ve linked is a game changing bamboo one that can be used for silverware, but would also work for pencils, makeup brushes, or anything in the disastrous “junk drawer”.

Pantry Bins

I am very biased towards bins, but you have to admit that they make organization a snap. If you want to make sure it doesn’t become an abyss then go with offering your customers clear bins to force them to actually be organized rather than conveniently hiding their junk. Here are some great Set of 4 Clear Pantry Bins, Set of 6, and another Set of 6 that are rectangular that can be used in the pantry, refrigerator, or even the media center for all those DVDs you bought during lockdown.

Cloth Dress Boxes

I told you I like bins. Here are some open boxes to help organize dresser drawers. We can’t all be Marie Kondo, but these will make it just a bit easier. And considering that Netflix renewed “Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo” for a second season, these boxes are going to be in high demand.

Kitchen: Trending Products for Cooking & Baking

Bread Makers

Go ahead, Paul Hollywood, and roll your eyes at me. I just started learning how to bake, and I commend everyone who can make bread from scratch by hand. But right now? I’m not seeing handmade and homemade bread in my future unless I have a bread maker.

Baking Essentials

What I have been doing, however, is more traditional baking. I have always been a horrible baker but decided to finally give it an honest try. Guess what – accurate measuring is important. Who knew! Since I’ve never been a baker, I had to buy all new stuff. Personally, I liked receiving all the Amazon packages, but my husband didn’t share that same sentiment. Below are some essentials to keep on hand for first time bakers, and I’ve linked up a few specifics.

  • Butter Maker (turn heavy whipping cream into butter and buttermilk!)
  • Measuring Cups for Liquids
  • Measuring Cups for Solids
  • Cake Boards: Remember, cake boards need to be a few inches larger than the cake pan. Meaning, don’t put a 6in cake board under 6in cake rounds. Most listings should indicate with what size cake the board will pair.
  • Cake Pans: If you are catering to new bakers, best avoid the springform pans
  • Spatulas: I’ve linked a nice set. You can opt to sell spatulas with cutesy phrases on the end. Most important elements to consider is that they are heat resistant, BPA free, and dishwasher safe is a bonus.
  • Cake Decorating Set: I’ve linked up what I bought when I started baking (because yes, I did become that person) and it has served me well. What I like most about the set is the rotating cake stand, cake slicer, the reusable piping bags and starter kit of piping tips, and the specific icing spatula.
  • Tea Towel (I had no idea these were baking. I definitely thought they were Monica Geller “Fancy Guest Towels”)
Glass Food Storage Containers

I’ll admit, I use more plastic food storage than I should. I’m still not a fan of how heavy glass food storage is, but they’ve come a long ways and I love the ones that have working locking lids and can go in the oven or freezer.

Over the Sink Drying Rack

I’m seeing the flat rollup dish drying rack pop up everywhere from wedding registries to FabFitFun edit sales. There are some much more intense standing drying racks that arch over the faucet, but to be honest I have not seen these anywhere. I can image this would be fantastic for small kitchens and apartments though.

Mini Waffle Maker

Instagram Influencer Dani Austen shared with the world her favorite go to treat – put Cinnamon Roll dough in the waffle maker and you get a cinnamon waffle. If I could eat gluten I would absolutely be 10 pounds heavier specifically because of this. These small waffle makers would be great Secret Santa gifts or perfect for college students because they are cheap, don’t take up a lot of room, and are cute!

Milk Frother/Steamer

Working from home means less stops at the coffee drive-thru. With an at home milk frother and/or steamer, you can give your customers that delicious elixir of life from the comfort of their homes!

Out on the Open Road: Trending Products for Travel

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

I’ve linked up a Bissell version that Instagram Dani Austen recently shared, but really any handheld vacuum cleaner that can be charged by USB would be great for someone taking car trips. At first, I thought the USB charger would be a pain. But more and more cars are coming out with USB charging ports included, which is ideal for a small vacuum cleaner that stays in the car.

Inflatable Air Mattress for the Car

These would be great for people who are camping or might be on a long car ride and haven’t come across a hotel.

First Aid Kit

My mother would be so upset if I didn’t include this on the list. There you go, Mom!

Car Trash Can

I mean, plastic bags work too. But this is if you want to class up the car.

Female Bathroom Device

Yup. I’m putting that on the list. Just a few weeks ago Dax Shephard/Kristin Bell shared with the world her lack of shame to use one of these because she doesn’t feel comfortable using public restrooms in today’s climate. You do you Kristin, you do you.

Car Seat Lap Tray

With the weather cooling down and the leaves changing, families are hitting the road for some much needed time out of the house. Just because a pandemic has been going on doesn’t mean that babies weren’t born. Help your customer’s keep their sanity on car trips with a lap tray specifically designed for car seats! You can also use a bucket set organizer fitted for bucket seats too.

Car Side Window Sunshades

Another way to help the little ones enjoy their car ride (and therefore the parents have a nice time too) is to offer your shoppers window shades. This will both help little ones go to sleep on the road while also protecting everyone’s skin!

Packing Cubes

I started noticing a strong increase in Packing Cube popularity 2 years ago, and they are still going strong. Give your customers variety in color so that each family member can be assigned a specific color to help keep belongings separated!

Car Lumbar Support

The lumbar support in cars is certainly increasing, and yet also seems to be lacking at the same time. Help your shoppers out with extra seat cushions to make the long hours on the road much more comfortable. Not too comfortable, mind you, as we don’t want them to fall asleep!

Seat Cushion

Same idea as the above, but to either help raise a person up (my mom is really short) or just help those seated bums feel a little more comfortable.

Neck Pillow

What’s a travel list without a neck pillow? I’ve linked up my personal favorite neck pillow by BCozzy, but really you just want to look for ones that provide chin support because keeping the chin lifted will stop a crick from forming in the back or side of the neck.

Phone Holder

I’ve linked up one that specifically holds the phone horizontally (less in the driver’s way) and can support the larger phone models. When looking at phone holders, keep in mind that it is to help drivers not look too far away from the road when they are using their phone for navigation! You give them the tool to keep the phone up so that they can keep both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Car Games

Pets: Trending Products for The Ones Who Really Run the House

Doughnut Beds

These beds are proven to help reduce anxiety in our furry friends.

Orthopedic Beds

This is a great ortho bed with contours.

Pet Agility Course

I’ve linked up a specific agility course package, but you could even stock the general items needed for these tasks such as cones or rope ladders. With the increase in adoptions and more time at home, I think we are going to see a lot of highly trained dogs in the coming years. You won’t see that from mine, but that’s just because they are too busy sleeping in their doughnut beds.

Cargo Liners

These are great to set up in the back of a car or in the back seats if you intend on bringing your big furry friends along for road trips.

Heating Pads

Vets recommend heating pads for elderly pups to help with arthritis pain, but always stipulate that they must be used under observation. Considering everyone is home right now, heating pads are the perfect holiday gift for our furry friends (or even for ourselves. Brings me back to that ergonomics piece again…)

Cat Toys

Can’t leave the cats out! They are probably a little more irritated that everyone is home, so let your customers dote on their cats with Catnip Toys or even something more elaborate like the Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

Collapsible Dog Bowls

Make sure you offer BPA free! If you can get one with a carabiner, your hiking customers will appreciate it. Travel Dog Water Bottle: the one linked has everything, in my mind. I love that the unused water can go back into the bottle instead of having to be dumped out like so many other types.

Pet First Aid Kit

If we keep a human first aid kit in the house and car, then why not have one for our furry friends? Offer customers a completed kit, or shopping section where they can build their own.

Automatic Cat Feeder

This. I have seen this come up SO MANY PLACES. My guess is because people are going on more road trips now than ever, but they also don’t want people going into their homes to feed the cat.

Shag Dog and Cat Throw Blanket

The marketing I’ve read on these is that the texture is to be calming and relax the fur babies because it reminds them of their mothers. I’m pretty sure it is just a prettier looking pet blanket to have on the couch. Whatever you choose – make sure it is machine washable and can be dried in the dryer! Double points if you find one that is also waterproof, like the trademarked PupProtector.

Stainless Steel bowls

Did you know that the really cute plastic bowls are actually terrible to use as water bowls? For water, best to go glass or stainless steel.  


*Raises hand because I own one* Being home a lot more has it’s pros and cons. One of the pros is that the opportunity to go on walks is increasing for many people living in suburbs. Elderly or injured pets can still enjoy the outdoors by bringing them along in a stroller. My first pet-stroller was back when there was only 1 option and I got the funniest looks whenever I used it.

But now? These things are popping up everywhere! There are even larger ones for larger dogs who are recovering from ACL surgery (like Dani Austin’s golden, which is how I found my new favorite one). I’ve linked my favorite one as an example of what you can offer your customers. And keep in mind – the big strollers can be great for families with 2 small dogs – my two even like sitting in it so they can look out the window!


If you are considering offering baby/dog gates to your customers this holiday season, I suggest that you look outside the traditional baby gates held by tension rods. There are a lot of new options now and each have their own perfect uses. You can offer large gates that can shortened or connected; you can offer retractable gates (just check reviews); or even pens more like a baby pack and play.


Furbo currently has a firm hold on the pet-cam corner of the market, especially considering it can even feed the pets treats. BUT that does not mean that it is the only option in how to watch over your pets when you’re out of the house. Any security camera can double as a pet watcher if it is placed in the right spot, or even look for less expensive two way cameras such as the Petcube.

Steel Water Fountain

I think that pet water fountains seem to change every few years. There were ones like what goes in a hamster’s cage, ones like human water coolers, and then the water coolers added a filtration option. Now, I’m seeing these water fountain ones that are steel AND have the water filtration. Mine just like a bowl with water, but these steel fountains would certainly elevate the level of class in my living room.

I’m All Shopped Out!

Well, there you have it! Above are a lot of items that I think would be great to offer to your customers for the holiday season or even into 2021. Some items are not exactly life changing but are classics for a reason. Others are new trendy items that are showing promise. And then there are ones that are just funny, and I think that we all need a little bit of laughter.

I hope that this seller’s guide has been helpful! Leave a comment if you have a question or want to see some more ideas for specific categories!

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