Hi, we’re Pangea. We run a marketing agency.

Our goal is a simple one: talk about how you can find business lessons in the strangest places. There’s no shortage of of 101-level articles out there that can teach you the basics of marketing. In fact, that’s how we got our start!

But eventually, we came to realize that HubSpot, Shopify Blog, Oberlo, and so many others already do that well. So why copy them?

We write articles on everything from pop stars to gas stations, old video games to wrestling. That’s because, like our readers, we’re weary of how-to-guides and listicles.

We lean into the weird, wild, and wonderful. We’re writing about what we love and tying it back to business whenever and where we can. It is more educational than we could have ever thought possible.

That said, this is a big website with hundreds of articles. So if you want some good reading material, you’ll need to…

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