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Basic facts are easy to find. Remembering them when you need them? That requires a different approach, and that’s why we created the Weird Marketing Tales Podcast.

In this podcast, Brandon Rollins will be interviewing small business owners, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals who are making a living doing things you probably didn’t know you could do.

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Brandon Rollins: My name is Brandon Rollins and this is the Weird Marketing Tales Podcast.

You’re probably wondering what this show is all about. So I’m going to tell you. In the Weird Marketing Tales Podcast, I’m going to be interviewing small business owners, entrepreneurs and creative professionals.

We’ve got just two goals here.

One: tell interesting stories, and…

Two: help business owners and marketers like you learn from these stories. And that’s it.

It’s pretty routine stuff, but here’s the thing: just about everything you need to know about marketing your business, you can find online. I guarantee you that HubSpot or Content Marketing Institute or Buffer or the Shopify blog has covered it.

Point is, the basic facts are really, really easy to find. And thank goodness, but remembering those facts when you actually need them…that requires a different approach. You see, humans, don’t learn by memorizing facts. We learn by telling stories and by hearing stories.

And it’s been this way since we were hunting and gathering and living in caves. No one runs a business quite like yours. Your questions are unique. And so are your problems. You have to figure out what you want and how to get it. And no two people on this earth want the exact same thing outta life. That’s a fact.

You see, on our blog, Weird Marketing Tales, we focus on the unique and the bizarre. Everyone’s talking about Tesla and Coca-Cola and Apple, and those companies are great. They are profitable. They know what they’re doing, and they’re good to learn from, but how does that apply to you directly?

That’s why we prefer to write articles, like:

How Critical Role Made Dungeons & Dragons Cool, or 

How Karen’s Diner Serves Up Awful Customer Service And Makes Millions

How On Earth Is SpongeBob SquarePants Still Relevant In 2022 

Why Formula One Is So Popular Right Now

And one of my personal favorites here, How The Room Made 30 Million Dollars By Being A Terrible Movie.

In every one of these articles, some unusual brand solved an unusual problem with an unusual approach. By seeing how problem solving works in real life, and by telling stories mixed with humor, we hope to inspire, educate, and motivate you. And the podcast, well, that’s an extension of the basic idea. There’s nothing quite like hearing real people talk about their lived experiences.

On this show, we’re gonna have a lot of fun guests, like someone who makes a living by creating digital versions of board games, someone who is creating toys to help people actually get in the habit of practicing good cybersecurity, and someone who built a marketing agency from scratch to help people win big on Kickstarter.

Now, this is just the beginning. I am actively seeking more guests and have even today sent out more emails to get them booked. So if you’re looking to learn, if you’re looking to laugh, if you’re looking for something to motivate you, if you’re looking for stories that will stick with you for years to come, well, this is a show for you.

So if you’re hearing this, it means there are already three full episodes online. So go ahead and check those out. Take a moment to subscribe to our podcast wherever you get your podcasts. If you wanna learn more about Weird Marketing Tales, just go to weirdmarketingtales.com or just Google the phrase. We’re probably there.

Once again, my name is Brandon Rollins. This is the Weird Marketing Tales Podcast. Thank you very much for listening to the short episode. I really appreciate it. I hope we talk again soon.

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