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  • XFL 4.0 Is The Spring Football Revolution

    Video transcript provided courtesy of Descript AI. May contain minor errors. The peak of Gridiron glory has been the NFL for what seems like forever. And while other leagues have changed drastically to avoid the NFL’s scope, the XFL has continued to step onto their field with ambitions as big […]

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  • We Open A Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza In 1988

    Video transcript provided courtesy of Descript AI. May contain minor errors. Have you ever thought, what would it be like to open and run a Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza in real life? We did, and it drove us kind of crazy, as this iconic horror game, and now film location, has […]

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  • Game Freak’s 3 Stage Evolution Of The Pokemon Franchise

    Video transcript provided courtesy of Descript AI. May contain minor errors. Pokemon is a legendary gaming franchise, developed by Game Freak back in 1996, and has been going for almost 30 years. He has released 122 games in total, and collectively sold 480 million copies worldwide, making it one of […]

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  • This Is Why People Find Super Mario 64 Conspiracies Scary

    Did you know every copy of Super Mario 64 is personalized? Well, at least that’s the theory. It’s said that even back in 1996, Nintendo was able to create an AI that adapted to a player’s skill level, playstyle, and even desires. It’s so subtle you’d never notice it, until […]

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  • How Christopher Nolan Beats Hollywood At Its Own Game

    Step into a realm where reality bends and logic unravels. Picture a metropolis folding onto itself, an inverted tale of retribution. A relentless duel in a gravity-defying corridor and a heart-pounding race against the clock on a ravaged shoreline. These awe-inspiring spectacles transcend mere celluloid, for they are the distinctive […]

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  • Bombs, Barbies, & Blockbusters? Why Barbenheimer is a Thing.

    Barbies and bombs. Normally you wouldn’t pair those two together. Unless you’re that kid from Toy Story. Or apparently, a movie exec. If you’re paying attention to summer blockbusters, you know that Barbie and Oppenheimer are coming out on exactly the same day.  Which resulted in a loving dubbed media […]

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  • Ticketmaster, Or: How To Fail Every Marketing Class (& Every Swiftie)

    It’s me. Hi. I’m mad at Ticketmaster. It’s me.  That’s right – Swiftie Maria is back again, here to bring you a marketing breakdown of how Ticketmaster failed Swifties, its customers, the world, and every basic marketing class ever taught. If you’ve followed the news recently, you’ve probably heard about […]

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  • This Is How Nostalgia Marketing Works So Well

    In today’s fast-paced world, it’s no secret that nostalgia holds a special place in our hearts. Just ask basically anyone doing marketing right now – you’d be hard-pressed to find someone not learning heavily on the concept to push their product.  But nostalgia is a powerful tool, no matter how you […]

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  • How The Room Made $30 Million by Being a Terrible Movie

    Released in 2003, The Room is widely considered to be one of the worst films ever made. It holds a score of 3.7 out of 10 on IMDb and an astounding 9 out of 100 on Metacritic. Film critic, Marg Mohan, claimed that the film “oozes sincerity, which is then […]

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